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Natural Pond Improvement

Beavers at 1880 Farm

By Texas standards 1880 farm is considered small, at just about 52 acres. It is big enough that surprises can occur, like when I recently visited the smaller pond after the rains and thought it seemed larger. Much larger.

This pond (Known as a ‘Tank’ in Texas) is at the edge of our woodlot. My five year plan for the farm included improving this pond and making it larger, I had to check out why it appeared to grow spontaneously.

Walking on the dam side showed the reason why the pond grew:

Beavers had arrived! And worked fast, and obviously busily. They improved the existing dam and added a higher dam.

We enthusiastically welcome these new workers to the farm, respecting the recent drought Texas suffered we feel that you can’t hold too much water on the land. The pond is now deep enough to try stocking with fish. I’ll keep a bucket with me when fishing our larger pond and move some largemouth bass to the newly named ‘Beaver Pond’.

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