1880 Farm

Bartlett, Texas, U.S.A.


A farm that meets our expectations of how a farm should be.

  • No pesticides/herbicides/fungicides of any kind (not even organic)
  • We believe that healthy soil is the foundation for a healthy farm
  • Animals are treated with care and respect

1880 Farm is an 1880’s farm house sited on 52 acres located in the Texas Blacklands region. USDA Zone 8b, Temperate Grassland, 34″ annual rain, bottom land just above (bordering) the 100 year FEMA floodplain, 45′ gentle slope elevation change from bottom to top of property with some flat areas, approx 4-5 acres young woodland and 2.2 acres in ponds with estimated 4,000,000 gallons of water. The historic town of Bartlett, TX maintains it’s original downtown that has been featured in movies and cable series that brings visitors back to a classic street scene right out of the wild west with brick streets and buildings.  Bartlett is a one hour drive from either Austin, TX or Waco, TX.