• 1880 Farm

    Bartlett, Texas, U.S.A.


    Our farm is based on principles of restorative agriculture.

    Our foundation is healthy soil and happy animals.

  • 1880 Farm in historic Bartlett, TX

    Restorative agriculture in action.


    1880 farm is located in Bartlett, a one hour drive from either Austin or Waco. The farm's name was inspired by our historic farmhouse, which was constructed in 1880.


    We are situated on 52 acres located in the Texas Blacklands region. USDA Zone 8b, Temperate Grassland, 34″ annual rain, bottom land just above (bordering) the 100 year FEMA floodplain, 45′ gentle slope elevation change from bottom to top of property with some flat areas, approx 4-5 acres young woodland and 2.2 acres in ponds with estimated 4,000,000 gallons of water.

    The animals

    We only recently established 1880 Farm and are still a work in progress. At the moment, we are home to 30 chickens, 21 cattle, 9 goats, as well 2 wonderful farm dogs.


    Our animals are all pasture-raised and we do not use any pesticides/herbicides/fungicides of any kind (not even organic). We treat all of our animals with care and respect.

    About us

    Josh Kunkel has studied under Mark Shepard (Restoration Agriculture), Sepp Holzer (The Rebel Farmer!), Maureen and Peter Allen (Mastadon Valley Farmers), and Joe Kunkel (former President US Perennial Plant Association). His goal is to leverage the guidance from these mentors to create an amazing regenerative farm.


    Maryjka Blaszczyk is a behavioral ecologist at the University of Texas at Austin and keen contributor to the farm's many projects.

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